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I found myself

Just a little while ago, I found myself getting frustrated about a situation. Frustrated to the point to throwing my book at a wall…

After the few moments of pure rage and crazy act I decided that asking for help isn’t a bad thing, sometimes you don’t want everyone to know your situation. Sometimes its ok, in this case its really ok. But it doesn’t mean I need to be ashamed to ask for the proper help or tools I need to succeed or make me a better person. Its time to shape up , and speak up. I am pretty sure I should’ve a while ago but its better late then never. On that note….. to the gym I go. 


Sometimes friends, wine, & cheesecake makes everything better.

Too bad my best friend is not here, and cheesecake isn’t here. But no worries, I do have the wine. 

The Things On My Mind

The things on my mind at approximately 10:55pm in the evening… are the following…

  • What I should workout tomorrow
  • If I should workout tomorrow
  • I WILL workout tomorrow
  • If I should stay where I am
  • Or if I should spread my wings
  • Or not.
  • This is what happens when you think before sleeping
  • Dangerous… I know. 

On that note.. Good night and sweet dreams :)


Just do it


If your having a bad day, just remember tomorrow is a new day. People love you even if sometimes it feels the opposite, people care, your animals even care. Don’t let someones few words, or a wrong move make your day a sudden black hole of doom. Get up, slap a smile on your face, then start doing what you do best whether that be going to the gym, writing, or just going to work…. being yourself and start doing what you love to do. 

Photo Credit: Me

Model: My dog Camden ( my son) :)


Putting Things Into Perspective

I’ve been thinking, a lot… maybe a bit too much. But the point is, what do you want to do in life? Is it singing? dancing? Maybe both! Of course, it doesn’t have to really fall into the category of Fine Arts, of course you can be a lawyer,doctor, or even a astronaut. If you want to do something, then do it! 

   That is the thing that has been getting to me recently, is doing what you want, at least knowing what you want to do. I am really a very indecisive person when it comes to things.. ” things” meaning everything from which coffee drink to get, what to wear to the gym (THE GYM), what earrings to wear, to what I have for dinner. The worst part of all of this is that I’ve really become indecisive about the important aspects of life, like what I want to do with my life, where I want to live, to , if I should move into an apartment or not. 

    Making decisions or choosing what coffee to get in the morning shouldn’t be this difficult.. but these everyday choices are. So how can we change that? More importantly how can I change this… I’ve come up with a plan! (oh great, I know thats what your thinking) So, lets see if (we) I can do this!

Make A Weekly Chart

There! I said it! Don’t plan your life away because there is no room for surprises! Try planning out your week, Monday: work, gym, 50 shades of grey… and so on. Just see how it works, even if its minor things like, 30 minute walk outside with pup! Then do it, just try to organize and revamp your life by starting with a weekly chart!

List 3 Goals You Want To Complete Each Week

Now this, you cannot disagree with. It is a FANTASTIC idea and you know it! My goals are all over the board, I honestly want to complete more things then I have time for, I’m sure you do too. That is why making a list of 3 things you want to complete a week, is a great idea! Starting off I think I should list some things, my 3 this week are: Finish my book, squat at least 20lbs more (100lbs!), and take my pup for more walks when at home! See, it isn’t too difficult! Do it!

Make A Bubble Chart Of Your Future

My Mother has taught me a gazillion things, one of which is to draw out your options. Its seriously one of the best ideas ever, if your ever in doubt get a piece of paper and a bunch of colored pens or pencils, sit yourself down and make a huge bubble circle in the middle of the page and write your name. Then make a line to another bubble of your options in life. Kinda like this, except with bubbles and colors! 

SOPHIA (big bubble) —-(smaller bubble)Carrer——office setting—- love to write—— love to draw

SOPHIA( still big bubble)——(smaller bubble) Career——- hospital setting- love helping others—- creative brains—— love babies—- ultrasound tech

^^See, while your goals are probably completely different you get the idea of what I am trying to do here.. right?

Don’t Be Such A Self-Bully

So you don’t know what you want to do in life, your stuck or you just want to draw out your options! That is fine. Just remember to not bully yourself because you can’t make a rational decision on the spot. Everyone is different and in the end we all make mistakes, but don’t rush yourself into something you don’t want to do or rush into making a stupid choice. Give yourself a break (just not a lazy-break) , just enough to let your mind create a peace with what you want in life. You only live once, but that doesn’t mean you have to decide everything before tomorrow. 

Challenge yourself!

Have you been going to the gym lately? Doing the same thing with lifting weights, doing that cardio and occasional cycling class? Maybe you should change it up a little bit, I mean weights and cardio is totally the best ever but maybe chill on your off day and take on a challenge with something you haven’t done before, or maybe something that you have been wanting to do! Take a Yoga class or maybe a cycling class if you haven’t before! Take a class that you want, even if its a kickboxing class or maybe a zumba class! Get out there and take a class that you have been wanting to take or just chill at home and check it out on youtube! Just stay active, eat healthy, and move your body!

Challenge yourself!!

Today Is…

Off day!

Relax today with some nice walking or just sitting around and sparking a conversation. 

Take today to pamper yourself and tomorrow we shall hit the gym or home workout once again! 

Lemon water talk!


What do you drink during the day?

Is it cups of coffee? Or maybe your the soda type, diet coke maybe? Whatever it might be stop and think for a moment, is what you are drinking really helping you loose weight and stop that constant bloating?
I didn’t think so…

Let me introduce you to a drink so refreshing and beneficial that you will want to drink it all the time every day!

Its called Lemon Water! 

I know, most of you are thinking that “Lemon water" is basically just lemonade and it won’t help you with anything! Well beeeeeep, your wrong! The actual question is what does it NOT help you with. Let me educate you on what lemon water does for you, and your body! You will be surprised to know the benefits of just a simple yet refreshing beverage that you can make on the go!

*It gives your immune system a BOOST! Lemons have a great amount of vitamin C, which also reduces stress while making your immunes system strong!

*Cleans your system! Lemons act as a cleanser to your body and once you consume that lemon water you are also cleansing all of the icky toxins that you have consumed!

*Cleans your skin! Wonder why you keep breaking out? Its most likely the high sugar and salt foods AND drinks! Lemon water is a great way to have beautiful glowing and pimple free skin!

*Gives you natural energy! Oh, what was that? Natural energy without consuming a energy drink? That is right, you are 100% correct. Lemon water has its own source of energizing nutrients once it hits your digestive tract! Who would have known!!

*Helps kick out those viral infections! Want to help prevent sickness, along with TONS of vitamin C?  Try having some warm lemon water! It is found to help prevent those icky yearly infections that come around! Try it!

*Helps you loose weight! Oh? You probably didn’t know that, or if you did good for you! Lemon water is a GREAT refreshing beverage to take with you to the gym while your working out! It refreshes your skin, and kicks in a bunch of vitamin C! Try it!

 I bet  your wondering how many lemons to put in your water bottle for the gym! Well, I would say that is up to you! But in my personal preference I usually put at least a half a lemon if not a bit more, I’ll squeeze a few pieces then I will trow the rest in! It takes a bit of getting used to but it sure is healthy!!!

A lot of info you might or might not have known right? Well, I am glad to tell you it works!!!

Try it for a week, throw out all the soda,coffee, and energy drinks! Try the natural way to get healthy, fit, clean, and loose weight!!!

Comment and tell me how it goes, and if you love it or what! 

Happpppppy Fitness Friday!!

Todays workout!

Good evening everyone! Today’s journey is going to be wonderful, we all want a fit and healthy body so lets get started!!!

Today before you go to the gym and do what you do the best, take at least 15-20 minutes during the day (at work, once you get home from school, wherever) to do some AB exercises, there is nothing better then toning and strengthening your core muscles! So get started and take some time to do some crunches, or some AB kick backs!!! Get that motivation started during the day so when you get home your ready to hit that gym or your own workout in your home!

Happy Gym Thursday!!!

You know what gets me the most?

You know what gets me the most? People looking for an easy way out, whether it is for work, school, volunteering, or the most common… exercise. 

I’m no expert in fitness but I do know this, if you want a change and you want to feel/look good then take the first step, if that is running around your neighborhood once every morning, then do it. If its by hitting up the gym, then do that. If its working out with milk jugs, then do that for goodness sake! After you’ve tried all of those activities and tried your hardest for at least 6 months and you still don’t see results, go to your doctor. Don’t think that getting a “dietary supplement” will help any because your just ruining your body.

Try your hardest to loose the weight naturally FIRST, before even thinking about taking a supplement that could change your body forever (not in a good way either)

While taking the supplement might seem as the “easy way out” it will not be that in the long run.

Just something to think about….

Have a lovely Friday!!!

Its fall time, its the season for pumpkin lattes, reading books, gathering around the campfire, hunting, football, & dressing up in high fashion. 

I’d love to be in the New England side of the U.S. right now, but luckily December will be my time to do so. 

Have a lovely Autumn’s day and enjoy your evening as well!

*Don’t forget, work out that body even though reading sounds much better.*

They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”
Be healthy, stay fit, and love your fruits!

They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Be healthy, stay fit, and love your fruits!

Sweat it off ladies!
That is the true beauty of working out!!!

Sweat it off ladies!

That is the true beauty of working out!!!